26 June 2022

Advantages Of Using Short URLs In Social Media Marketing (2022)

Social Media Marketing is all about enticing your target audience and URL shorteners are not something to be missed. Social Media Marketing, makes use of every means for engaging with the audience these days. A very important factor that can make or break the whole marketing campaign is how you present the short URLs to your website while marketing it.

9 Reasons Why Short URLs Are Important In Social Media Marketing

1. Tracking Number of Clicks

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using short URLs is that the service which provides you with the short URLs additionally provides the number of clicks that the short URLs have received.

One of the main ideas behind social media marketing is to get the knowledge of how many people are visiting or clicking your provided URL. Maintaining a track without using short URLs is quite difficult and requires special programming knowledge.

2. Tracking The Time Of Clicks and Location

In addition to providing the number of clicks, some short URLs service provides location and time data of clicks as well. Therefore, you may recognize the geography from where the traffic is coming. Even the time on the clock when your advertisement yields the maximum fruitful results or unfortunately doesn’t get clicked at all.

This type of evaluation can definitely help you track. Also, you can focus on your advertisement according to the geographical background of the visitors. Moreover, the time data will let you establish better customer service timings if any visitor wants a quick chat.

3. Make Your Brand More Visible

Enough for the analysis of traffic data, short URLs can contain your brand and/or product names, communicating to the visitor what he’ll visit even before he clicks it. Instead of longer, gibberish-containing URLs, how nice would it be if all the short URLs in your advertisement showcase your brand name and the relevant products?

Viewers are more likely to click these customized short URLs instead of normal URLs that won’t make any sense at the first look.

4. Routing Traffic To Your Website

The major idea behind a social media marketing campaign or advertisement is to direct the audience to your website or the product page.Short URLs play a critical role in attaining this re-routing by tempting visitors through attractive names.

Normally, you’ll need site visitors to have a look at some other products on your website. Further to the one for which you are advertising. Therefore, incorporating short URLs of other products can give users an easy option to view a few other products available on your page.

5. Attract Audience By Using Words-Of-Mouth

A simple rule is, that if people can say it, it means they can remember it. Also, if they can remember it, then they can connect with it and surely pass it to others as well. Therefore, even the short URLs don’t mean they can be remembered and passed on easily, it has to be more memorable short URLs using relevant words.

So, now you have to look for words for short URLs that can represent the overall crux of the linking page. Additionally, can represent the content in an easy and more useful way. Ensure these words are easy to pronounce and associate with rather than hard tongue-twisters. Otherwise, on the contrary, they can also be strange words that sit into the readers’ minds promptly.

6. Increase Clicks By Using Reader-Friendly Words

The words of an amazing Freelance Systems Administrator and a writer about short URLs who knows how to start a successful blog:

For the general audience, simple straightforward words in short URLs make more sense than some technical jargon. However, for tech-savvy readers, technical words would be much better and more attractive.

Therefore, depending on the readers you are aiming for, try to use relevant reader-friendly words in your short URLs.So that you have a better chance of getting the reader’s attention.

7. Incorporate Short Video and Screenshots With Ease

Do you already know that not even the lengthy URLs but screenshots and quick videos also can be shared on the social media marketing pages?

Just like the short URLs generator, some generators have this capability. So they can upload and generate customized short URLs against images and short videos. You can embed catchy short URLs.So, if the website visitor clicks it then in place of taking them to some other webpage, an image or a quick video is displayed to them, which consists of more of the advertisement material.

8. Easy To Find Content

Using one of the short URLs generators has certain downsides associated. For example, some generators don’t allow customized short URLs whereas those do allow them to charge you annually.

On the contrary, some services allow you to use your domain name in short URLs. This brings two-fold advantages to the generated URLs. Firstly, you could change the destination URL each time you want, keeping the front URL the same. Secondly, you can use your domain name. It will allow the readers to focus their attention if they are specifically looking for your brand. Moreover, readers will recall and associate with your brand name and these short URLs will settle within their minds.

9. Secure Audience Trust

Whenever the reader will see short URLs containing your brand name, or words specific to your products, they will instantly know that it has been signed by you. Moreover, you may purchase domain names and the hosting of well-known sites. It helps catch the reader’s attention and when they click on the link, it’ll take them to your webpage.

Final Words

Short URLs can serve multiple purposes and help you reach and engage a large audience via social media marketing. So, for effective online advertising, do considerTeenyfy as one of the tools. It is one of the widely used URL shorteners in 2022. But sometimes if your short URLs are like one word, then in this case it depends on you whether you wanna use shorteners or not. You can find several free online services that can generate short URLs, so no matter which service you use.

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