09 July 2022

Benefits of short URLs for a Social Media Influencer

When someone says “Teenyfy” nowadays, you immediately understand what they're talking about. A URL shortener is mainstream. It's well understood. Right? Then why aren't you utilizing them in everything you do as an influencer?

URL shorteners are an outstanding additional tool to leverage when you're monitoring links.

When running more than one campaign, it is imperative that marketers and influencers alike know how much traffic they are generating and from what sources. It permits its users to combine UTM and pixel tracking, allowing them to pull key performance insights from their influencer campaigns into existing analytics tools.

A URL shortener is a brilliant add-on tool that makes it as easy as possible for audiences to consider and use your marketing campaign links. But, there are some common errors people make while using a URL shortener.

Here's how each influencer can leverage a URL shortener to grow ROI

It's easy to tell if someone is not using a URL shortener appropriately. There's actually a Good/Worse/Worst litmus test. And right here it is:

  • Good: The URL is something like

You're utilizing a custom URL shortener (YAY!). Your personal brand is strengthened with the base domain. The rest is easy to remember so that you don't need to look it up, write it down or force other people to do the same.

  • Worse: The URL is something like

You're using a custom URL shortener (Kudos!) and reinforcing your personal brand. But who will remember the rest in case you need to inform someone of the link over the phone? Or remember to put it in a text?

  • Worst: The URL is something like

You're utilizing a URL shortener, but it's similar to what everybody else uses. And again, who is going to remember that link if they don't have it handy?

URL shorteners (like,, Teenyfy and Twitter's are known to make sharing links simpler. But while the character string after the domain is a gook mess of characters, you're restricted to using it as a link only. By customizing the tail of the URL to something memorable, you're making your new web address that is easy to use, irrespective of where or how it's delivered.

Why Use a Custom URL Shortener for your Influencer Campaign?

As we've discussed, a custom URL shortener reinforces your personal brand. Instead of promoting or another area organisation in every link you share, you're promoting you. When we share links online, either to the website or even to other people's content, we share using for instance - Want to find it on any social network fast? You just have to type in - - and the name of the network.

How to Use Custom URL Shortener?

In the world of the web, a link - is a link - is a link. But when you have to remember, type or maybe inform a person of a URL verbally, the custom URL shortener turns into your most valuable tool.


We like the use of a URL shortener to quickly recall crucial links to share with anyone. We may also wish to go to the important content online. As we explained above, we can speedily send people to:


Pass Along

Custom URL shortener additionally makes it easy to point people to your online assets or ideas verbally. So when you're talking to a collaborator or sales lead on the phone or maybe at an in-person networking occasion, you could say, “Just fill out the form at and I'll send you a free sample!” This easy-to-remember and short nature of the link will drive more and more offline clients to connect to you online.

Pay Dirt

Then you can get strategic, complicated and clever with custom URL shorteners. You can construct short links to not just your website or social handles, but to any web page or asset on the web. And you can construct different short links for URLs with UTM parameters added for measurement purposes. So, if you're an influencer or a brand who desires to be capable of measuring granularly how a specific marketing campaign is performing, we can take the URL in which the visitors need to go and kick out custom short links to drive up the measurement.

For example, let's say all of the visitors need to visit We're going to place that URL on each social channel, e-mail newsletter, print commercial, TV commercial and billboard we can, but it's too long. And, we want to be able to measure the effectiveness of all those channels. First, we use UTM parameters to create a couple of links to the same web page. So these links:


Will be used completely on any communication for the marketing campaign on:

Print ads (see the “utm_source=print” ?) Email marketing Billboards

Now, we get a URL shortener. Let's say the domain is We then join that short domain to Teenyfy's custom domain feature. Now we can assign custom, easy-to-remember URLs to each of those. So on print, e-mail and billboard activations, we use:

  • (or some other specific phrase, like “offer” or “deal” or “magazine”)

What this does is to permit individuals who see and remember your URL on a billboard to be counted in your website analytics as having come to the web page from seeing it on a billboard (source) or advertising (medium). All they need to do is remember (or something trailing word you want to use) and you've been given them segmented to your data.

Now you could open up analytics and actually answer the question, “How many people came to the website after learning about it on a billboard?” And “How much sales did we drive from those who learned about us from our billboards?” (Did we simply invent a way to measure the ROI of billboards? Yes, we did!)

Custom URL Shorteners Are All About Measurement

If you're an influencer, a custom URL shortener like Teenyfy makes it less complicated for people to remember how to find not just your website or social channel, but the specific landing web page you want to send them to. Leveraging different tools like UTM parameter-rich links and website analytics way you could better measure the value of those who do visit. With the need for influencers to higher illustrate the price of influencer marketing, social media and all other types of marketing, you're not smart enough to not leverage them.

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