09 July 2022

Benefits of using a short URL in SMS Marketing

If you are trying to increase conversions and build trust with your clients, a short URL is an excellent way to go. SMS marketing is a powerful mode of communication but it can be puzzling when there are so many extra characters in the text message. Imagine finding a link that occupies more than 1/2 of the actual text message! Not only does that appear unprofessional and drab, but it can additionally lead to distrust. This eventually means your conversion rate will take a hit.

Although a regular SMS message carries only 160 characters, you can easily add more content. You might even ask how is that possible? That’s what the short URL feature can bring. Your text can easily redirect recipients to your business website. This combines rapid delivery time and a high open rate of SMS with rich media. That’s why it’s so efficient in all types of advertising campaigns. A short URL has been proven to help improve SMS marketing and generate more sales for businesses!

In this blog post, we will talk about how a short URL works and provide tips for using it efficiently in SMS messaging campaigns.

Ready? Let's dive right in.

What is a short URL?

Link shortening is the procedure of making the URL shorter and less complicated to read. The short URL additionally makes it possible for businesses to track their messages that use link tracking offerings like Google Analytics or KISSmetrics. Most importantly, short URL does not take up as much space in SMS marketing texts. This means that you can get more content into one message!

The most famous short URL services consist of Bitly, Teenyfy,, and TinyURL which are free to use. But in case you need a stronger service with built-in analytics features then you will need to sign up for a paid service like Teenyfy’s URL shortener.

Key metrics: That’s what it’s all about!

The short URL permits you to get complete information about recipients’ behaviour. A targeted marketing campaign report is generated automatically after each bulk SMS. It incorporates such data as mobile phone operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), used mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome), device (e.g. iPhone) and click date. All this information permits you to understand your customer better. This short URL technique opens a brand new opportunity to profile your campaigns more effectively and to increase your clients’ engagement.

How can a short URL help improve SMS Marketing?

A short URL not only make it simpler to read the text message - but also provide numerous benefits! Let's check some of them:

Less complicated text messages

A lengthy link in an SMS marketing campaign might break the flow of content because customers have a problem reading all those numbers one after another. This is specifically true when there is more than one sentence in your text message. By using a short URL, you can make sure that your content is more succinct and simpler to read.

Fewer characters mean less cost

A single SMS message consists of up to 160 characters. Any longer than this and you would possibly break up the message. Some SMS Messaging services might not break up your text and would send it in one piece. But you may still have to pay more. If your message is going over the 160-character limit even for just one character, you may pay the equivalent of SMS.

A short URL is shorter than a long URL so that they take up fewer SMS marketing person spaces when you are trying to send an SMS message. A short URL not only makes it feasible for businesses with constrained text messages on their plan but additionally means customers do not have to scroll down as much so as to find the end of a link!

Automatic discount codes

Short URL additionally makes it viable for businesses to offer out an automated discount code with their link. This can be extremely good in SMS marketing campaigns that offer discounts for a limited time! Actually, you can incorporate automated discounts in all your e-Commerce website's links, mainly if you are using Shopify as your eCommerce provider.

In the Discounts section itself, click on any of your discount codes and create a link that you can easily share with your customers. This way, your customers won't need to manually place the discount code upon checkout; the discount code will automatically be applied. The drawback is that the link can be quite lengthy because the URL consists of not just your domain name, but also the word "discount", in addition to the actual code.

Link tracking

Since short URL has built-in analytics functions, businesses will be able to track which texts ended in interest from consumers or leads. If there is a person who does not respond after being sent a short URL then marketers can just resend them another one without having to manually input the URL.

More tracking data points

Another advantage of a short URL is that marketers are capable of getting more customer data. A short URL service has a click tracking software that automatically captures information the moment the user clicks on the link. You can collect extra than just Click-Through Rates. With this, you will have access to even more data that will help make future decisions easier when finding out what content should go in each text message and how frequently messages should be sent. Mainly if you have multiple types like text alerts, newsletters, promotions etc.

Final Thoughts on short URL for SMS Messaging

If you're a marketer or a small business owner trying to start SMS Marketing, a short URL can be an easy way to build trust with your customers. The short URL help maintain the text message shorter and more readable while additionally providing tracking information so that you understand where in the business process they have been sent from and how many clicks they've received. Plus, you can save loads of money by decreasing the character count while still delivering the perfect message.

SMS Marketing already receives a high conversion rate from its campaigns, what more if you use a short URL? You will be able to see a huge ROI from this technique. Start your SMS Marketing campaigns with our URL shortener Teenyfy today with its transparent yet cost-saving plans!

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