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25 June 2022

Top 10 URL Shorteners Of 2022

Top URL shortener offers hassle free sharing. Before knowing the top URL shortener, we must know the fundamentals first. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Some of the URLs on the web can be so long that if you share them with another person, the screen may get completely covered with the link text over the smartphone devices. This is, therefore, very hard for the users to share the URL with anyone.

Fortunately, there's a way available to shorten the huge URLs. Yet these will still redirect to the same webpage. The URL will be small and will appear good. It is a URL shortener.

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is an app that converts an extended URL into a short URL. Typically, it shortens the website’s address and provides a random aggregate of letters and numbers. A URL shortener is also known as a link shortener, a link shrinker, a link compressor, a URL condenser or a vanity URL creator.

Here in this article, we have written about the top URL shortener that would assist you to shorten lengthy URLs.

Some of the Best URL Shorteners to Shorten Long URLs

So, in case you are interested to know about it, then continue to read the article. We have shared the greatest URL shortener that allows you to shorten lengthy URLs in only a few seconds. So, let’s explore the list of the top URL shortener.


Many of you could be familiar with this as this is one of the most famous URL shortening websites and could’ve been using this for a very long time. is one of the top URL shortener available out there. You won’t believe it, however, the service gets 10 billion clicks monthly. Moreover, after shortening the URL, it offers users some essential features like real-time analytics.

2. is a quite new website on the listing, however, it provides many exciting features. It’s a URL shortener that helps you to create, personalize, and shorten links using your personal domain. The URL shortener has many features that could benefit bloggers & affiliate marketers, such as mobile links, putting expiration dates for short links, and more.

Apart from that, it additionally has a Link cloaking function that hides the original URL, and site visitors only see the short link in their address bar.

3. Teenyfy

Teenyfy is a full-featured URL shortener service platform. We can utilise it to not only turn lengthy URLs into short ones but additionally track the visitors coming from your links. Its dashboard indicates trending links and popular statistics, while an analytics page helps you to dive into traffic by device, location, and referrers.

With Teenyfy URL shortener, you can additionally drill down into clicks by the time of day. Tags, which you can add to your shortened links, allow you to view your link traffic in new and custom ways and are ideal for monitoring and coordinating campaigns.

4. T2M

If you're looking for an all-in-one platform for URL shortener services and branded links control, then look no other than T2M. Unlike standard link shorteners, this one offers separate dashboards. The one shows the location from which the link has been clicked, and the other indicates the device used.

Apart from the URL shortener provider, you also get some other alternatives like developing links that never expire, bulk developing links, sharing links to social media, and more.

5. TinyURL

Another URL shortener provider that has been around for a long while is TinyURL. TinyURL permits you to shorten your URLs, in addition, to modifying them. What’s more exciting is that TinyURL has Chrome and Firefox extensions/addons and we can use that as a URL shortener without visiting the official site.

6., which is sponsored by a famous social media management tool known as ‘Hootsuite’. To use the link URL shortener service, one must create a free Hootsuite account. To shorten the links, you have to use Hootsuite’s dashboard. The key point is that after getting the shortened link, it may be used to track the analytics.


It’s the most simple and easy to use URL shortener on the list. is a URL shortening device that doesn’t ask users to solve CAPTCHA codes or extra confirmation to shorten the lengthy URLs. Other than the usual URL shortener, you can make your specific custom URL, making this even more identifiable URL while sticking it into your posts.

8. is another top URL Shortener on the list to shorten lengthy URLs. It’s a top class web service, however, you can use a restricted version of this tool for free. gives 1,000 shortened links, branded links, and limitless redirects if we talk about the free plan. So, is another excellent URL Shortener that you can consider.

9. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is slightly distinctive from all other Link shorteners listed in this article. Instead of shortening the present links, it specializes in creating branded links. With Rebrandly URL shortener, you can effortlessly create completely customizable URLs. Not just that, but you can additionally get short URLs for your domain like techviral > tech.viral.

10. ShortURL

Well, in case you are looking for a free URL shortener, then give ShortURL a shot. It’s a free web tool that reduces a link or shortens a URL. You get extra features like browser integration, app integration support, and more with the premium version.

Which URL shortener is right for your business?

Whatever your link shortening necessities are, there’s a URL shortener available. Whether you need a quick, free tool like ShortURL or a complete, all-purpose shortening provider like Bitly, pick a few for a power test and see which fits the best.

Ideally, you’ll need features like:

  • Customizable URLs
  • Link monitoring
  • UTM parameter support
  • Link retargeting
  • Integrations

Additionally, a URL shortener that has been around for a while is much more likely to be reliable and trustworthy.

Final Thoughts

The above stated are some of the excellent and top URL shortener services that you can use today. Whatever combination of speed and detail you want, there’s a URL shortener service available for your lengthy link. Try some, try them all—simply ensure to keep it short and simple.

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