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Teenyfy has allowed me to easily share my work in a professional, branded way and track results from my customers. I love being able to see what’s getting results and impressing my clients.



Few Awesome Features

Link management

  • Fast Redirects
  • Custom URL slugs (vanity-url)
  • UTM presets
  • Bulk link creation/edit


  • Link analytics
  • UTM builder
  • Link search
  • Domain name management

    • Multiple domain names
    • Https (SSL)
    • Main domain redirect
    • 404 redirect management
    • Custom SSL

    Boost Results

    • Better Delivery
    • Improved Tracking
    • Proactive Planning

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a URL shortener?

    In simple words, a URL shortener is also referred to as a link shortener. These shorteners seem like a simple tool, but it is a service that can have a tremendous impact on your marketing outcomes. They work by transforming any lengthy URL into a shorter, more readable link. When a user clicks the shortened version of the URL, they’re automatically forwarded to the destination URL.

    2. What are the benefits of a short URL?

    It becomes very difficult to remember a long web address, especially if it has tons of characters and symbols. Therefore, a short URL can make your link more memorable. It not only allows people to effortlessly recall and share your link with others, but it can also drastically improve traffic to your content. On a more practical side, whether you’re looking to engage with your customers offline or online - a short URL is easier to incorporate into your collateral.

    3. What is a custom URL shortener?

    A custom URL shortener which is sometimes referred to as a branded URL shortener, facilitates you brand your links. There are countless benefits of branding your short links. Branded links maintain goodwill and trust between your audience and your business. It drives more clicks, gives your audience a preview of where they are being taken and ultimately increases brand awareness. A link shortening service is vital to improving audience engagement with your communications and it also includes custom short URLs. A short URL is good. However, when it comes to a custom URL, it works every time.

    4. Why choose Teenyfy?

    Whether you’re sharing one link or millions, our platform is built to help you make every point of connection between your content and your audience ignite action. It’s why the brands simply love Teenyfy.

    5. What are the features of Teenyfy URL shortener?

    Fast redirects, Link analytics, Multiple domain names, and Custom URL slugs (vanity-URL) are some of the main features of Teenyfy URL shortener.

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